Title (Fiscal year ending May 2017)

Amount (Million Rials)

Net Income


Sale/ Operational Income


Total Assets




  • Founded in 2002
  • Registered at Tehran Stock Exchange in 2012
  • Owning 34 management companies
  • Shareholder of 41 non-managerial companies
  • Ranked 49th among the top 100 petrochemical companies based on net profit benchmark (2015 ICIS)


60% of social security investment portfolios

The largest producer of Acetic Acid with the annual production of 85%

The country's largest crystalline melamine producer, with production capacity of  82%

51% of the country's gas production capacity

49% of Persian Gulf Star condensate refinery, the largest gas condensate refinery in the Middle East

31% of the country's PVC production capacity

22% of the country's Methanol production capacity