Securing the highest degree of sustainable value in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry and to be competitive in the international arena

Core values

1. Law-abidance and transparency in performance

2. Meritocracy and adherence to ethical principles

3. Emphasis on creativity, innovation and distinction in decision-making

4. Responsibility and proper accountability to stakeholders

5. Decision-making based on reliable data


1. Development of cooperation and joint ventures with the most creditable national and international companies on the Tappico’s value chain

2. Development and complementation of value chain, upward and downward

3. Optimization of portfolio, realignment, merger and acquisition both within and beyond portfolio

4. Optimal financing through utilizing the proper methods of domestic and international financial markets

5. Concentration Research and Development and market penetration, both domestic and export markets

6. Improvement of economic synergy among Tamin groups subsidiaries