Terminals &Tanks Petrochemical CO

Industry : Petrochemical

Property Type : Affiliates
Address : Pars Special Area, Asaluyeh
Phone : +982188062248
Fax : +982188064031
Website : www.ttpc.ir




Production share in the country


Production share in the country

Company Introduction

Terminals and tanks Petrochemical company:

is the first port & marine services supplier in the specialized fields of petrochemical products, which in this direction has undertaken management & leadership of tanks zone & two great ports of Iran petrochemical industries, located in Mahshahr special economic zone & pars special energy/economic zone (Assaluyeh), from the year 2005, hence Could play a major role in the process of export & import of products & various feed required by petrochemical companies, south pars gas phases & other industrial companies.

Loading and discharge of more than 40 type of petrochemical products, Gas, Petroleum, dried bulk, general cargo & Container cargo have been the highlights points & abilities of this company. The company has so far completed 132 million tons of loading and unloading operations through 8850 ships, and has also conducted annual loading and unloading of 7,000 ground and rail tankers and 3 million tons of product handling operations at the site of the reservoirs, and has set that as its own experiences.

Performing operations related to the mission of the organization, as described below, is one of the other experts of the company:
1- Issuance of ship documents, clearance, Transit of goods, custom,
2- Consultation, design, construction, installation, Setting up, leadership, Repair, and maintenance of various Terrestrial & marine terminals & tanks.

In the course of development of the services, the following activities are in the company’s future plans:

1- Providing marine services, marine Fueling, Marine Supermarket
2- Ground transportation, International transportation, Rail Transportation

Main Office Location

Pars Special Area, Asaluyeh